Thursday, October 21, 2010

The pastor

It's Thursday and I'm still thinking back to the last Sunday when we had the installation Mass for our new pastor. When the bishop made his first remarks about Fr. S., there was applause that seemed as though it would never end. This for a priest whom we barely know.

Fr. S. came to us from another state in July, but he is originally from India, and visa problems meant that he had to go back home after about two weeks in our parish, not to return until just a few days before the October installation Mass. The fact that we were all so happy to see him return says some things about the man. Though I have met him we have yet to have a conversation, and I have been to perhaps two or three Masses at which he has presided; but it seems clear that he is a man of humility and serenity and faith.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Sunday

What we surround ourselves with has an impact on who we are. I go to church each week, and we pray, and we hear Scripture and the homilist breaks open the Word, and we share Eucharist, and I am with a community I see week after week. How can this not have affected the person that I have become after all this time? Today the homily was about faith, and perhaps it will make a difference in my prayer life in the days to come. But I'm still pondering snippets of earlier homilies, too. And though it has taken me a while, I have gradually been acting on resolutions I made weeks earlier.

There are things I do that lead directly from the nudging I get from my contact with the Church in this way.