Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Trinity

Sometimes, being Catholic means pondering a God that we believe to be three persons. We've practiced the songs for the upcoming Sunday. "All Hail, Adored Trinity" will be nice because it hearkens back to an earlier era, especially with the organ voice of the guitar synthesizer, and because we sing it in parts and it sounds pretty good. Overall, though, we are not excited about the choices for Trinity Sunday, and "Alleluia, Sing" is not found in our new hymnals.

Does this doctrine that at times seems to be simple and at other times (most of the time) seems complex and worthy of a lifetime of study and contemplation  -- affect my daily life?

I think so. I think that I relate in different ways to each person of the Trinity. I think this belief has had a part in shaping the person that I am. I believe that this God-in-three-Persons has created me, sustained me, taught me, saved me, encouraged me and challenged me throughout my days on this earth. 


  1. God is NOT a person...sorry. The best book I have read that explains the trinity is The Shack.

  2. I didn't say "a person," but three persons/one God. I realize that "person" as a translation for the Greek "hypostasis" is not very good and it doesn't mean what we think of most often with that word, but it seems to be what people fall back on for lack of a better term.

    For explanations of the Trinity, I like the ones by Tertullian (I think) using a river or a sun as images. I like also the idea of the Holy Spirit as the love between the Father and the Son.

    Thanks for the reminder to add The Shack to my reading list!

  3. It's sad that most people get confused by the Trinity which just leads them to not believe in the three beings of God. I wish a simpler explanation could be available especially to young readers and students.